Robert M. Krinsky

Robert M. Krinsky is a talented attorney known for his adept handling of civil litigation, personal injury, and criminal cases in and around King and Pierce Counties. He is a dedicated attorney who cares deeply about the well-being of his clients, regardless of the specific circumstances surrounding their current legal issues. If you require legal assistance from a dedicated attorney with a proven track record, it is in your best interest to get in touch with the Law Offices of Robert M. Krinsky.

Robert M. Krinsky’s Practice Areas

Robert Krinsky is a versatile lawyer with a thorough understanding of several practice areas. He works extensively in civil litigation, handling everything from personal injury cases to real estate disputes. Often, his efforts allow clients to avoid the hassle and expense of protracted litigation. The trusted Tacoma and Vashon Island Attorney also represents those who have been accused of committing a wide array of crimes, including traffic-related misdemeanors and VUCSA offenses, violent and non-violent felonies. Through careful investigation and negotiation, he is able to achieve reduced charges for many clients, with some even seeing their cases dropped altogether. With decades of experience under his belt, Bob takes special pleasure in representing older clients in personal injury cases where medical bills have been paid by Medicare as the federal regulations governing reimbursement of medical expenses is most complex.

The Law Offices of Robert M. Krinsky: Trusted Legal Counsel in Tacoma, WA

The ideal lawyer has an impressive knowledge of multiple branches of law, as well as the willingness to fight tirelessly for the rights of his or her clients. Additionally, a good lawyer should be able to foster open and honest communication with clients from a variety of backgrounds. Robert Krinsky possesses these and and a variety of other important qualities; he is a notoriously well-rounded attorney.


Robert Krinsky belongs to the following sections of the WSBA

  • Civil Rights Law
  • Criminal Law
  • Litigation Law
  • Intellectual Property Law