Civil litigation is a branch of law encompassing a variety of non-criminal matters. As a civil litigation attorney, Robert M. Krinsky helps a number of individuals and businesses resolve seemingly insurmountable disputes. Additionally, he assists those who wish to avoid litigation. Bob also represents health care providers such as doctors, nurses, mental health professionals and pharmacists who are accused of professional misconduct.

Personal Injury

The negligence of an individual or business can result in physical and emotional devastation, as well as medical bills and the potential loss of income. With the help of a civil litigation attorney, it may be possible to recover damages. Robert Krinsky represents a variety of clients harmed by the negligence of others. He handles personal injury cases involving unsafe premises, auto accidents, products liability, and health care negligence.

Real Estate Disputes

Robert M. Krinsky boasts an in-depth understanding of the many legal issues facing today’s real estate industry. He uses this knowledge to resolve a variety of real estate disputes, including those involving landlord and tenant disagreements, title insurance claims, and foreclosures.

Business Litigation

In addition to handling real estate and personal injury matters, Robert M. Krinsky works on behalf of businesses in the midst of contentious disputes. Business litigation cases handled by Robert Krinsky include contract disputes, breach of fiduciary duty, franchise litigation, business torts, and more. Regardless of the circumstances surrounding a given case, Robert Krinsky uses aggressive legal representation to secure favorable resolutions for his business clients. For excellent handling of your current litigation case, look to the Law Offices of Robert M. Krinsky.

Other Civil Litigation Matters

Robert Krinsky is willing to handle a variety of civil litigation matters outside of real estate, personal injury and business litigation. Many of his clients desire to resolve disputes without the use of litigation, and Robert Krinskey makes every effort to abide by these wishes. However, when litigation is deemed necessary, his proactive approach allows for the quick and satisfactory resolution of contentious cases.

The Law Offices of Robert M. Krinsky: A Top Civil Litigation Resource

From real estate disputes to personal injury cases, Robert Krinsky provides legal counsel for clients dealing with a wide array of civil matters. His proactive courtroom approach and his thorough understanding of multiple civil litigation practice areas makes him the perfect legal advocate to have at your side. If you would like to work with a civil litigation lawyer with a history of success, feel free to get in touch with the Law Offices of Robert M. Krinsky.