Entertainment law is a legal practice area that involves multiple aspects of the entertainment industry, including music, theater, television, film, dance, publishing, visual art, and more. Although entertainment lawyers provide a wide array of legal services for those involved in the entertainment industry, they spend a good deal of their time negotiating contracts and and giving  legal advice concerning general business matters. If you are an entertainment professional requiring legal counsel or representation, do not hesitate to get in touch with the Law Offices of Robert M. Krinsky.

Robert M. Krinsky’s Entertainment Law Clients

Robert M. Krinsky is willing to work with a variety of individuals and businesses involved in the entertainment industry, with a major focus on music law. His clients have included musicians, music publishers, managers, and record labels, among others. Although he typically works with musicians and others involved in the music industry, he is also willing to represent clients involved in theater, film and other types of entertainment. Regardless of his client’s area of focus, he offers a wealth of knowledge and an obvious passion for entertainment law.

Types of Entertainment Cases and Services

As an entertainment attorney focused on music law, Robert M. Krinsky works extensively in contract negotiation, especially as it pertains to record labels. He is also willing to assist with union negotiations and other matters related to employment law. Robert Krinsky often helps his entertainment clients with copyright and trademark registration, as well as disputes involving intellectual property. Although much of the typical entertainment lawyer’s work involves completing and submitting essential legal documents, this type of lawyer also plays a vital role in building an entertainer’s career. The right attorney can help an aspiring star achieve success in the competitive entertainment industry.

The Law Offices of Robert M. Krinsky: Trusted Legal Counsel For Entertainment Professionals

Robert M. Krinsky takes great satisfaction in his work in entertainment law — and he is eager to help you strengthen your career. Depending on your current position in the entertainment industry, you may find yourself tapping into the lawyer’s understanding of intellectual property or to working with him to negotiate contracts with record labels and music publishers. Your lawyer can have a huge impact on your success in the world of entertainment, so it is vital for you to work with somebody you trust. Bob has an excellent reputation and is a great legal advocate to have by your side as you take on the entertainment industry.